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A Short Course on Digging Out of the Healthcare Crisis

We've got the tools already. No legislation required. Just expand your team and watch how the expanded knowledge, skill sets, and experience improve medical outcomes data, cut wasted expenses, and improve patient satisfaction scores.

Medical Supplies Spotlight10

Are You Using UV Light to Disinfect Your Hospital Rooms?

Learn about an ultraviolet light device that has proven effective in killing harmful, even deadly, germs in hospitals.

Need a Business Case for Infection Prevention? Start Here.

Here are some resources to help you build a business case for infection prevention at your hospital.

Medical Supplies for Physical Therapy

An almost one-stop resource for physical therapy, including medical supplies and equipment, conditions, prevention, and career planning information.

How to Make Hospitals and Senior Living Residences Safer for Seniors

Here is a one-stop resource to learn how to make hospitals and senior living residences safer for seniors.

Medical Supplies for Arthritis and Joint Conditions

Here is a resource list of medical supplies and shopping advice from several About.com experts in mobility disorders, especially arthritis, joint conditions, and aging.

Medical Supplies for Patients with Alzheimer's or Dementia

Minimize stress by learning about the medical supplies that people with Alzheimer's or Dementia may use for other aspects of their care.

Medical Supplies for Children and the Conditions for Which They Are Designed

Learn about medical supplies for children and the diseases and conditions for which they are designed.

Mobility Disorders and the Medical Supplies That Can Help

Learn about the medical supplies available for helping people become more mobile in their daily living activities.

Glasses That Reduce Migraines and Other Light Sensitivity Problems

Light sensitivity can be the cause of many forms of discomfort, such as migraines, nausea, and behavioral issues. Learn how therapeutically tinted glasses are helping some people alleviate these symptoms.

Simple Low Cost Storage for Medical Supplies

Storage matters in health care. Here are some quick, simple, and inexpensive storage ideas that will help you optimize their value and improve efficiency.

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